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Zhaoqing municipal party committee leaders to Gaoyao Taiwan-invested enterprises research and condolences

On the afternoon of February 24, 2022, Wu Ding, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhaoqing Municipal Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, and Zhang Haolong, Mayor of Gaoyao District People’s Government, went to Zhaoqing Zhongjie Shoes Co. The research and consolation group went into the workshop to understand in detail the epidemic prevention and control of enterprises, the start of the new year’s production and operation and to talk and exchange with Taiwanese businessmen.

At the symposium, Wu Ding, a member of the Standing Committee, learned in detail about the production and operation of the enterprises and expressed his full affirmation of the efforts and contributions made by the enterprises to promote economic, trade and cultural exchanges between Zhaoqing and Taiwan and to promote integrated development. The historical opportunity, rooted in Zhaoqing, rooted in Gaoyao, in one hand to grasp the prevention and control of the epidemic, the other hand to grasp the production and operation of the same time, in-depth development of the mainland market, increase technological transformation efforts to enhance development momentum, the enterprise bigger, stronger and better, hope that the majority of Taiwanese businessmen in Zhao Taiwan cross-strait economic and trade cooperation and exchanges and exchanges continue to play a bridge role, leading more compatriots in Taiwan to the motherland to start businesses and employment.

Wu Ding Standing Committee urged enterprises in production and operation to focus on key areas, key links, important parts, in-depth investigation of safety risks and hidden dangers, strict implementation of the mainland staff returning to work related to epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure the healthy and stable development of enterprises.

Li Ziqian, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee, and Lin Qiuzhi, second researcher, Chen Caixia, standing committee member of Gaoyao District, minister of the United Front Work Department and main leaders of relevant towns (streets) accompanied the visit to condolence research. (Contributed by the Bureau of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs of Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City)

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